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Prices Rise for the Second Consecutive Month

Property prices across the country are continuing their recovery, as value rose 0.5% in April following a 0.6% rise in March, according to the latest data from CoreLogic.

Australia property prices jump 0.6% in March

After ten straight months of declines, national home prices have rebounded 0.6% in March, ahead of the RBA’s decision to hold interest rates steady at this month's policy meeting.

Low Stock Keeping a Floor Under Property Prices

The declines in property prices have slowed down for now, with the latest data from CoreLogic showing the smallest monthly fall since May 2022.

Home Price Falls Begin to Ease

Property price falls across the country are starting to slow down, despite the RBA continuing to lift interest rates.

National House Prices Drop Throughout 2022

Home prices across the country have ended the year down 5.3%, the largest decline since 2008.

Home Price Declines Slow in November

Home prices fell for the seventh straight month in November, with values down 1% across the country, however, the good news for homeowners is that the rate of decline is slowing down in some areas.

Capital Cities Continue to See Value Declines

The broad-based fall in property prices continued in October with all capital cities seeing values decline.

Australian Property Prices Continue to Lower

Property prices across the country have continue to slow down, with the latest data from CoreLogic showing national values declined 1.3% in the last month.

Property Price Growth Slows in June

Price growth across the country has continued to slow down last month with the latest CoreLogic Home Value Index (HVI) showing that values dipped -0.6% in June.

Australian Cities Flow Through the Property Market Cycle

While many people assume the property market across the country rises and falls in sync with one another, the reality is that the values in each state, and even each suburb move at slightly different rates.

Rising Listings Weigh on Property Values in May

Housing markets across the country continue to see slowing rates of growth while on a national level, prices fell by -0.1% according to new data from CoreLogic.

3 Upcoming Trends to Expect in the Mortgage Market

There’s no doubt that one of the key drivers of the incredibly bullish 2021 property market was interest rates sitting at record low levels.

Property Prices Rise 0.6 Per Cent In Last Month

Property prices across the country saw another increase in value last month, however, the rate of increase continues to slow down.

Australia’s Regional Areas Continue to Drive Growth in Property Prices

Property prices across Australia have continued to move higher in March led by the smaller capital cities.

Shift Towards Regional Living Showing No Signs of Slowing Down

Demand for housing in regional Australia has seen unprecedented levels of demand over the past few years.

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