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How to Invest in Distressed Property

The discount property investment strategy involves purchasing investment property below valuation, not below the vendor’s asking price. 

What is Percentage of Vendor Discounting

Understanding the level of vendor discounting in an area is important as it can help you determine the level of demand for property in the area.

[Infographic] How to Buy Discounted Investment Property

Creating instant chunks of equity by purchasing investment property under fair market value should be at the top of every self-respecting property investor's list. But finding genuinely discounted opportunities among the hundreds of thousands on the market is never an easy task. And even when you find one, how can you be sure that your research and analysis is on the money? This infographic gives you 7 essential tips that you can use during your next search for discounted investment properties.

[Case Study] John Le Brun - Discount Strategy

This case study is from Real Estate Investar subscriber John Le Brun, and how he used Real Estate Investar to apply the discount property investing strategy. I have subscribed twice to the Real Estate Investar tools, the first time lead me to the best deal I have ever found.

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