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Multi-Occupancy Investment Strategy

As interest rates continue to rise, property investors are looking for ways to boost the yield on their properties to offset higher mortgage costs. A unique approach that increasing numbers of investors are considering is co-living properties that house a collection of individuals rather than a family.

Queensland to Limit Rental Increases to Once a Year

The Queensland State Government is considering a proposal to limit rental increases to once a year amidst the ongoing rental crisis that is gripping the state.

Red Flags to Look Out For In a Property Manager

A great property manager is an important asset in your property investing team. When people invest in property, one of their main concerns is normally how they are going to manage tenants and ongoing maintenance issues.

Waterfront Properties Go From Strength to Strength

Sydney is leading the world in premium waterfront properties, with buyers in the Harbour city prepared to pay more for those famous water views.

3 Reasons Not to Turn Your Back on Property Investment

In recent weeks, the mood across the country has started to wane as national property prices have finally started to fall away.

Rentvesting 101

For new investors or home buyers looking to get into the market, it might well be worth considering rentvesting.

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