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3 things you need to know before buying a distressed property

Buying a distressed property can be a good way to secure yourself a better deal, however, these types of properties are often going to come with a few strings attached that you need to be aware of.

Queensland to Limit Rental Increases to Once a Year

The Queensland State Government is considering a proposal to limit rental increases to once a year amidst the ongoing rental crisis that is gripping the state.

Australia property prices jump 0.6% in March

After ten straight months of declines, national home prices have rebounded 0.6% in March, ahead of the RBA’s decision to hold interest rates steady at this month's policy meeting.

Home Price Falls Begin to Ease

Property price falls across the country are starting to slow down, despite the RBA continuing to lift interest rates.

Australia's Top Yielding Suburbs

Properties which have a positive cash flow are a great benefit to investors as they can assist in creating an extra source of income (pre-tax). These properties cover the costs of holding and maintenance, and allow the extra rent paid to become additional income for you to enjoy.

Australia's Best Subdivision Suburbs

Subdividing a property is an efficient way of boosting your rental income and creating equity. This strategy also provides owners with options such as selling, holding or a combination of the two. To help you find a property with the opportunity to be subdivided, we have compiled a list of Australia's suburbs with the highest amount of subdivision properties. This infographic shows the percentage of properties with subdivision potential on the market by dwelling type and number of bedrooms.

Australia's Best Renovation Suburbs

Renovating a property is an excellent way to increase its market value, it creates the opportunity to improve both cash flow and capital growth for the owner. Finding the right property that is ripe and ready for renovation can be a difficult first step on a renovating journey. To help your search, we have compiled a list of Australia's best renovation suburbs. This infographic shows the percentage of total renovation listings on the market by dwelling type and number of bedrooms.

National House Prices Drop Throughout 2022

Home prices across the country have ended the year down 5.3%, the largest decline since 2008.

Home Price Declines Slow in November

Home prices fell for the seventh straight month in November, with values down 1% across the country, however, the good news for homeowners is that the rate of decline is slowing down in some areas.

When is it Time to Downsize?

When people talk about downsizing, most of us immediately assume we're talking about retirees.

Capital Cities Continue to See Value Declines

The broad-based fall in property prices continued in October with all capital cities seeing values decline.

Price Falls Begin to Ease Off Across the Country

Property price declines are starting to ease off across the country, led by Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane which all saw a decreased rate of decline last month.

3 Reasons Not to Turn Your Back on Property Investment

In recent weeks, the mood across the country has started to wane as national property prices have finally started to fall away.

Rentvesting 101

For new investors or home buyers looking to get into the market, it might well be worth considering rentvesting.

Rising Listings Weigh on Property Values in May

Housing markets across the country continue to see slowing rates of growth while on a national level, prices fell by -0.1% according to new data from CoreLogic.

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