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Maximise Your Profits in 2023

Rental markets across the country are as tight as they’ve ever been which is driving up rental prices. However, property investors are also being faced with the sharpest increase in interest rates in decades which is making things equally tough for many owners and hurting their bottom line.

National House Prices Drop Throughout 2022

Home prices across the country have ended the year down 5.3%, the largest decline since 2008.

What Every Successful Property Investor Should Do Over Christmas

It's tempting to throw out the property investment 'to-do' list when December comes around, with the best of intentions, to give it another go next year. If you ticked off your goals this year and grew your portfolio successfully, congratulations, it's time to put your feet up! However, if you didn't quite tick of your 2022 to do property to do list, then maybe it's time to take some action while everyone else is winding down? Why not throw a little investment preparation in amongst the festivities this holiday season? You'll have the time, and it may just give you an excuse to escape the house guests for a little 'me' time!

Home Price Declines Slow in November

Home prices fell for the seventh straight month in November, with values down 1% across the country, however, the good news for homeowners is that the rate of decline is slowing down in some areas.

When is it Time to Downsize?

When people talk about downsizing, most of us immediately assume we're talking about retirees.

Capital Cities Continue to See Value Declines

The broad-based fall in property prices continued in October with all capital cities seeing values decline.

How to Prepare Your Granny Flat for Renters

In recent years, investors have been looking at different strategies to try and maximise the returns they're receiving on their rental properties.

Queensland Scraps New Land Tax Changes

Following weeks of criticism from all sides of the property industry, the Queensland Government has decided to scrap its proposed changes to land tax.

Price Falls Begin to Ease Off Across the Country

Property price declines are starting to ease off across the country, led by Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane which all saw a decreased rate of decline last month.

Red Flags to Look Out For In a Property Manager

A great property manager is an important asset in your property investing team. When people invest in property, one of their main concerns is normally how they are going to manage tenants and ongoing maintenance issues.

Major Land Tax Changes Coming Soon for Queenslanders

UPDATE: Queensland Scraps New Land Tax Changes

Waterfront Properties Go From Strength to Strength

Sydney is leading the world in premium waterfront properties, with buyers in the Harbour city prepared to pay more for those famous water views.

3 Reasons Not to Turn Your Back on Property Investment

In recent weeks, the mood across the country has started to wane as national property prices have finally started to fall away.

Rentvesting 101

For new investors or home buyers looking to get into the market, it might well be worth considering rentvesting.

Australian Property Prices Continue to Lower

Property prices across the country have continue to slow down, with the latest data from CoreLogic showing national values declined 1.3% in the last month.

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