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Compare Australia's Best Property Investment Research and Data Tools

  Property investors and property professionals are always asking us how we differ from CoreLogic RP Data and APM Pricefinder. We partner with both platforms giving you access to two of the very best property research and property data tools available in Australia. Pair your preferred property data and research tool with Real Estate Investar's powerful search and analysis tools. Our property investment platform enables property investors to replace emotional decision making with data-driven property investing, with access to the same tools the property professionals use. Both RP Data and PriceFinder provide the latest property research and property data tools for desktop valuations and reports, verified and obtained direct from the Valuer General's Office. Read more for a brief overview of some of the key differences between RP Data and Pricefinder and our special Real Estate Investar pricing options.

Average Days on Market

One of the areas of research to help property investors determine the demand for an area is the average days on market (DOM). This statistic will help you determine the level of demand for property in the area as it is a measure on how long it takes property to sell. Real Estate Investar provides data on this statistic to help property investors understand how quickly a property will sell.

Renovating for Profit in 7 Easy Steps [On-Demand Webinar]

This recent webinar shows you a simple process to follow if you want to make big profits on your next renovation project, and how Real Estate Investar can help.

Importance of Site Inspections for Property Development

A site inspection is a crucial step in determining whether a property development project will be successful as not all sites are suitable for development. Real Estate Investar provides access to zoning and overlays data allowing investors to quickly determine if a site is worth investigating further. Through its partnership with Archistar, investors can also add-on the Archistar platform to conduct further research on the site to assess its suitability.

8 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Property Investing Goals in 2020

Many people will have set property investing goals for the new year and unfortunately, many will fail to achieve them.  Others may not set any goals at all, because it is very easy to just live in the present without a set plan to move forward, which is an easy habit to fall into. Whether you’re a new or seasoned property investor, it can be incredibly beneficial to set property investing goals to guide your investing for the year to come. These tips can help you set your 2020 property investing goals and ensure you don't lose sight of them and are able to take the necessary steps to see them achieved.

[On-Demand Webinar] How to Find Affordable Capital Growth Properties

Watch the replay of the live webinar recorded 4 December 2019, co-hosted by Terry Ryder from Hotspotting. Learn how to find and analyse affordable gentrifying areas which are primed to support solid sustained medium to long-term capital growth.

[On-Demand Webinar] How to Evaluate a Deal Step-by-Step

LEARN HOW TO ACCESS THE RIGHT DATA TO DO A DETAILED ANALYSIS OF ANY POTENTIAL INVESTMENT Learn how to do a deep-dive due-diligence on any property using data verified by the Valuer General's Office in the replay of this webinar.

Find & Analyse Strata Title Opportunities [On-Demand Webinar]

LEARN HOW TO SEARCH AND IDENTIFY POTENTIAL STRATA TITLE INVESTMENT PROPERTIES Strata titling involves purchasing a block of units that is currently on one title and splitting the title so each unit on the block has its own individual title (think of it as a vertical subdivision for units instead of land). This enables the investor to sell each unit individually for more profit! Watch the replay of the webinar to learn more.

[On-Demand Webinar] How to Find Heavily Discounted and Distressed Properties

LEARN HOW TO FIND UNDER MARKET VALUE PROPERTIES TO CREATE INSTANT EQUITY This educational webinar will demonstrate how you can use our powerful property technology to find and analyse distressed properties selling at below market value (not just below the asking price). Achieve capital gains upfront before even adding value to the property. Leverage the chunks of equity to grow your portfolio quickly without holding the property for years and waiting for the area to grow!

BRAND NEW FEATURE: Median listing price graphs in Investar Search

Real Estate Investar is excited to announce the launch of a new feature to Investar Search where median listing price graphs at the property type or suburb level are displayed if there is not enough data available at the bedroom count level. Investar Search currently displays the median listing price growth for the past 6 years by the property type, bedroom count and suburb. This data is displayed next to each listing result if enough data is available for all 3 criteria. 

[On-Demand Webinar] How to Do Quick Feasibility Assessments to Identify your Next Site

 Learn how to find development sites in seconds, complete feasibilities in minutes and save yourself hours in the replay of this webinar co-hosted by Archistar.

[Training Webinar] Learn the New Tool Features

Our technical team has released a number of powerful new search tool features and we've partnered with some big players in the data and development space this year.   Learn the new tool capabilities in this 60-minute webinar to make sure you're getting maximum use out of your membership.

How to Find Off-Market Splitter Block Opportunities [On-Demand Webinar]

Finding off-market subdivision deals is now even quicker and easier thanks to our powerful new development tool. Learn more in this webinar.

Find and Assess Subdivision and Development Sites Like a Pro [On-Demand Webinar]

Prospecting for new, feasible development sites is hard. Which is why Real Estate Investar is excited to be partnering with Archistar. We aim to make identifying and assessing small scale property development opportunities as quick, painless and accurate as possible. We are thrilled to be adding Archistar's deep-dive property development software to our already powerful suite of tools to make property development easier for investors. Level the playing field and use the same platform that Mirvac, Frasers and other major property developers are using to assess their next site! View the tools in action in this webinar co-hosted with Archistar and sign up today! Real Estate Investar members will have access to the Archistar "Starting Out" package with the following features: National access Find Sites - search, site details, filter and digital planning library Map Visualisations - base package which includes zoning, overlays, heritage, building height, contours, flooding, bushfire and basic satellite imagery Assess Sites - quick estimate (residual land value) and due diligence reports Domain Listings and Suburb Insights Commercial Real Estate Listings

[On-Demand Webinar] How to Evaluate a Deal Step-by-Step

LEARN HOW TO ACCESS THE RIGHT DATA TO DO A DETAILED ANALYSIS OF A POTENTIAL INVESTMENT Learn how to do a deep-dive due-diligence on any property using government-verified data in this webinar. 

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