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[Infographic] How to Prepare Your Property For Sale

Prepare for saleIf you want to sell your property and sell it quickly you need to put in a little time to make it attractive to potential buyers.

A property should be presented as having been well looked after with no major issues.

After all, you get one chance to make a first impression and you’d be surprised the small things that will put buyers off.

This article shows you how a few inexpensive changes can make a whole lot of difference.

Hope it helps.


Make sure the garden areas and the entrance of the property look neat and tidy, as this will give the first impression, and help potential buyers take the steps to inside.

  1. Sweep the driveway and footpaths
  2. Wash down walls, front door, outside furniture and fence, or patch up with paint if necessary
  3. Clear the gutters 
  4. Keep the lawn and garden finely trimmed
  5. Remove weeds from the garden and update it with some mulch, pot plants or flowers if lacking
  6. Remove bins from visibility
  7. Clean ponds and water features as needed
  8. Check number and post box are visible and in good working order


Now that potential buyers are inside, it's time to really impress them.

Keep clutter at bay and allow easy access to rooms so they can explore.

Areas to be particularly conscious of are the kitchen, bathrooms, garage and laundry.

  1. Remove unnecessary items to make the rooms more spacious
  2. Clean the walls, floors, windows and fixtures in the rooms and patch up any cracks, holes or broken pieces
  3. Patch up any cracks or broken sections of walls and tiles and put on a new coat of paint if necessary
  4. Make sure doors and drawers open and close properly and that door knobs and handles aren’t loose
  5. Fix any leaking taps
  6. Vacuum or clean carpets, lounges and blinds/curtains as necessary
  7. Change light bulbs if not working

Additional factors to consider

  • Unless there is something structurally wrong with your property there isn't a need to pour money into unnecessary renovations, unless you’re confident you'll see a return in investment.
  • Some buyers will be looking for properties to renovate themselves and it may not be necessary to do yourself. You can discuss this with your agent or valuer if you have one.
  • Investing in new pieces of furniture, greenery and lighting fixtures could be a relatively cheap investment, especially if the current decor is old and doesn't present the room/s correctly. 
  • Pack away personal items which are on display, especially family photos as it can be unappealing for buyers. 
  • Repaint coloured walls to a neutral colour. Some buyers will find it hard to see past a certain colour if it doesn't appeal to them. It will also help maximise the space.

Presenting your property in the best possible light is the best way to attract potential buyers and the best possible price.

If you want more tips on buying your next investment property you might find this infographic on saving for a deposit useful, or this on-demand webinar to learn how you can find, analyse and research renovation investment properties.

Thanks for reading!

James Lawrence
James Lawrence
James is the Marketing Manager at Real Estate Investar and has been with the company for over 10 years.

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