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Wellington City Council social housing shakeup starts with sale of 13 properties

Thirteen homes for Wellington's most needy are going on the private market, and more are expected to follow as the city council faces "commercial realities".

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Housing crisis still reality for Tauranga as prices soar away from incomes

A housing crisis looms in Tauranga with house prices soaring 464 per cent in over the last 16 years while household income increased just 129 per cent a new report revealed.

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Apartment resident vents to the council over exposure to smoke and fumes

Restaurant exhaust fumes are causing ventilation issues in a new high-rise apartment block, a resident says.

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Wellington social housing tenants face post-Christmas rent increase as city council aims to weed out opportunists

Social housing tenants in Wellington city are facing a rent hike after the Christmas break.

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Construction recruitment campaign woos over 13,000 applicants

An army of more than 13,000 professionals have applied for construction jobs in New Zealand, following an unprecedented global recruitment campaign.

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Hong Kong billionaire businessman plans to build $3m Pukaki lakeside lodge on Crown land

A massive lodge could be built on what is now Crown land, just 40 metres from the shore of pristine Lake Pukaki.

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Non-residential building forecast to ease

A new University of Auckland building is helping to keep non-residential building consents from falling but next year's activity is expected to be slower, with an oversupply of office space possible.

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Commercial building designed by Sir Ian Athfield up for sale

A Wellington office tower, designed by the late Sir Ian Athfield and named best commercial building 30 years ago, is up for sale.

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Healthy Homes rules will push up rents - Investors' Federation

Landlords are warning of rent rises on the horizon, after the government passed a law requiring rentals to be warm, dry and well ventilated.

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Don't be fooled by the 'wealth effect' of a rising house value

In fact, in the latest house-price indicator from The Economist, New Zealand house prices are second highest (behind Canada).

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