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[On-Demand Webinar] How To Find, Analyse & Research Renovation Opportunities

construction.jpgIn this recorded training webinar, we cover how to use Real Estate Investar to find, analyse and research properties that may be suitable for a renovation project.

It is designed for new or existing property investors, and is a great introduction on how Real Estate Investar can help you apply this strategy successfully. 

The webinar training session will include:

  • How to use specific filters and strategies in Investar Search to pinpoint properties with strong renovation potential, e.g. properties approximately 20% below the suburb median which are poorly presented but with “good bones”.

  • How to analyse the property’s 10 year cash flow and equity position using Property Analyser so you can fall in love with the numbers, not the property.

  • How to research potential renovation opportunities and its suburb to ensure the long term investment fundamentals stack up, including:
    • Population demographics and migration trends
    • Historical median price trends
    • Suburb clearance rates
    • The median sales price for similar properties in the area
    • How much similar properties currently rent for in the area (if you plan to let the property out).
    • The history of the property. How to check the on-the-market and sales history, ownership details, recent comparable sales and an estimated market value for the property in its current condition and then once the improvements are made.

Webinar Recording:



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