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Property valuations: One kilometre of Auckland's coveted Paritai Drive is worth $320m

With each step you take down Paritai Drive, you're passing $320,000 in real estate.

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Houses 'valued' at less than they cost to build

Homeowners are being warned they should not put too much faith in the "improvement value" portion of the council valuations of their properties.

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Council's revaluations 'frustrating' and 'inaccurate' - North Shore real estate agent

A leading real estate agent says Auckland Council's revaluation figures for homes across the region provides inaccurate information to buyers and sellers.

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Desperate home-buyers warned against neglecting property checks

Wellington's property market has become so hot that desperate buyers are dispensing with vital checks such as builders' reports, valuations and legal advice.

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Auckland rental investors head to Wellington for bigger returns

Auckland property investors, and others from around the globe, are buying up Wellington rentals, driving up prices in an already sizzling residential housing market.

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Surging Wellington house prices hit record $480,000 median high amid sales shortage

Wellington's property boom continues to sizzle, with median house prices surging to a record high of $480,000 as competition for dwindling housing stock gets fierce.

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Market uncertainty could dog housing market for months

Weakly positive house prices in October are being put down to uncertainty over the forming of the new Government.

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[Infographic] New Zealand's Top Yielding Suburbs

The location of your rental property can help determine how much return you are likely to make and ultimately how successful the property is as a positive cash flow investment.

For a rental property to give you the best possible return you can consider starting your search by targeting a location which produces high gross rental yields.

Hope this infographic helps!

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Perfect storm forming against property investors

Have a look at the things the new Government will put on the table: the removal of the ability to offset losses against other income, changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, extension of the bright line rule to five years, the passage of the Healthy Homes Bill and – in time maybe – a capital gains tax.

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Who's to fear most – foreign buyers or talkback hosts?

I didn't want to tell anyone about a house we loved, in case that jinxed it. I couldn't wear the clothes I wore to a failed auction to the next one and I started looking up which numbers the Chinese considered lucky, after reading in the newspaper unlucky street numbers would steer Chinese buyers away from some houses, and thus reduce the competition.

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