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What Every Successful Property Investor Should do Over Christmas

It's tempting to throw out the property investment 'to-do' list when December comes around, with the best of intentions, to give it another go next year.

If you ticked off your goals this year and grew your portfolio successfully, congratulations, it's time to put your feet up! 

However, if you didn't quite manage to do everything you wanted to do with your property in 2016 (and that's ok), then maybe it's time to take some action while everyone else is winding down?

Why not throw a little investment preparation in amongst the festivities this holiday season?

You'll have the time, and it may just give you an excuse to escape the house guests for a little 'me' time!

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Researching a Location to Invest in - Factors to Consider [Infographic]

researching an investing location

Deciding on the suburb that you want to invest in next can be a hard decision.

You will need to

  • identify the locations you want to invest in.
  • review current and historical performance.
  • identify where they are in the current economic capital growth cycle.
  • eliminate the poor performers that don't meet your growth and yield criteria.

This infographic gives you some tips on the factors to weigh up when choosing where to invest in next.

You can also check out our free boom suburb reports pack, which can help you identify Australia's top performing suburbs and get your property search off to the perfect start.

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Renovating for Profit: 7 Essential Tips

Renovating an investment property can lead to a tidy profit when done strategically, and has become more popular as property investors seek to create their own opportunities to add value to their portfolio.

In this article you will find seven tips to help you plan and execute your next renovation, an infographic and links to helpful renovating resources.

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[Infographic] How to Buy Discounted Investment Property

Creating instant chunks of equity by purchasing investment property under fair market value should be at the top of every self-respecting property investor's list.

But finding genuinely discounted opportunites amongst the hundreds of thousands on the market is never an easy task.

And even when you find one, how can you be sure that your research and analysis is on the money?

This infographic gives you 7 essential tips that you can use during your next search for discounted investment properties.

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[Infographic] 5 Easy Ways to Find Positive Cashflow Property

The positive cash flow property investment strategy involves purchasing property that will create surplus cashflow pre-tax. 

This blog is aimed at property investors of all levels of experience, and covers:

  • Some goals you can aim to achieve if you are looking to find and purchase positive cashflow property.
  • A process to follow to help you find, analyse and research positive cashflow opportunities
  • How-to videos which demonstrate how we can help you find high yielding property.
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Buying Discount Investment Property - Process and How-To Video

The discount property investment strategy involves purchasing investment property below valuation, not below the vendor’s asking price. 

This blog is aimed at property investors of all levels of experience, and covers:

  • Some goals you can aim to achieve if you are looking to find and purchase investment property at a discount
  • A process to follow to help you find, analyse and research discounted investment property opportunities
  • A how to video which demonstrates how our tools can help them secure property at below fair market value and create instant chunks of equity.
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6 Tips for Saving for a Deposit

One of the largest outlays you will have when you buy your next investment property is the deposit.

This blog gives you some quick ideas to help you save more efficiently if you are using a cash deposit.

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[Infographic] 6 Ways to Optimise your Property Portfolio


Optimising your property investment portfolio is a key goal for any property investor, looking to maximise the return on their investments. 

You can achieve this in a number of different ways, depending on the type of property you own and your long terms goals.

Your goal should be to improve the performance of your portfolio, whether it is improved capital growth, manufactured equity or additional cash flow and income.

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Buying Property With a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)


Thousands of Australian investors have taken control of their super funds and are using them to invest in property. 

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) have become the single biggest asset class in Australia. 2013 statistics show that the number of self-managed super funds registered each week in Australia is now over 1000.

This essential guide includes SMSF pros and cons, frequently asked questions and how to learn more if you are interested in setting one up yourself and this pursuing this strategy.

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[Infographic] 9 Tips for First Time Property Investors

Purchasing investment property can be complex.  

This infographic shows 9 tips for first time property investors.

It can can help you start your property investing journey more successfully and set you on your way to a profitable investing career. 

Hope it helps!

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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Replace Your Current Annual Salary Through Property Investing in 10 Years

We have teamed up with the experts from Pumped on Property for this webinar, where you will learn a range of simple strategies you could use to potentially replace your income through property investing.

Property investing can be a vehicle for sustainable and long-term wealth creation, but it is also a skill you can learn using the right strategies and with a great support team.


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[On-Demand Webinar] Using Technology to Invest Successfully in 2016

Record low interest rates and a healthy property market means now is the time to act if you are serious about achieving your property investing goals this year.

 This webinar demo will show you how the latest cutting edge technology can help you take advantage of these conditions, change the way you invest in property and ultimately achieve your New Year's goals.


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[Infographic] How to Spot a Growth Suburb

Finding the next property investment hotspot is important as it can help you invest in high growth areas and potentially grow your equity quickly.

This infographic gives you some key indicators to look out for when looking for an investment hotspot or growth suburb.

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[On-Demand Webinar] Find, Analyse & Research Discounted, Renovation Opportunities

Learn how to use the latest technology to find discounted, renovation investment properties that can give you the best profits.



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Residential Property Investment Statistics and Trends

Investment in residential real estate is growing in popularity in Australia, which isn’t surprising given our market conditions.

Australia's population growth, favourable taxation regime, historic low interest rates, growth in property values and use of investment properties as a retirement asset are all contributing to this popularity.

This blog shows some of the key residential property investment statistics that have been prevalent recently.

It can help explain and also demonstrate this popularity, and also contains useful links to other resources, downloads and on-demand webinars to help you with your property investment.

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