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West Auckland suburbs top social housing

Avondale is going to get the highest number of homes under the first phase of a government-run social housing programme.

About 368 new homes will be built in the suburb in the next three years, according to data released by Social Housing Minister Amy Adams' office.

On May 16, Adams announced the Government Crown Building Project will replace 8,300 run down houses in Auckland with 34,000 new homes over the next decade.

More than 24,000 of these will be built as part of the Auckland Housing Programme (AHP) run by Housing New Zealand (HNZ).

The new houses in Avondale will be built as part of the AHP social housing.

It is one of seven west Auckland suburbs on a list of 33 suburbs to receive new houses as part of the AHP.

New Lynn ranks third with 342 new houses.

The Crown Building Project will run in two phases and about half of the homes constructed during the first phase, which is expected to last four years, will fall under AHP social housing. The remaining will be built under affordable housing, the Crown Land Programme, the Ministry of Social Development social housing programme and Tamaki Redevelopment Company.

Other west Auckland suburbs will get 430 new houses under AHP social housing in the next three years.

These included 193 new houses in Massey, 65 in Blockhouse Bay, 39 in Glen Eden, 128 in Henderson, and five in Sunnyvale.

About one quarter of the new homes to be built as part of the Crown Land Programme over the next three years were also in west Auckland.

Massey topped the eight-suburb list with197 new homes.

Te Atatu was expected to receive 30 new houses.

The Crown Land Programme included a total of 935 homes to be built over the next three years.

Adams said the first phase of the AHP will cost $2.23 billion and $1.1 billion will be funded by HNZ while the remaining will be borrowed. It will see 9417 new houses being built over run for the next four years.

She said this was a significant undertaking for the government and for taxpayers.

"It's the equivalent of three-and-a-half new houses on every street across Auckland."
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