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Nelson designer's product brings order to the home

duplexAt Georgie Hoby Scutt's front door are stashed sets of keys, last minute make-up, sunscreen and pairs of shoes in three different children's sizes. 

It's the unavoidable paraphernalia of parenting and Georgie wants it hidden. 

So the designer has taken it upon herself to create a solution, one that also gives her an outlet for her creativity and a chance to grow a business. 

Last year, Georgie, from Nelson, and her Auckland-based sister Belinda Brosnan started up Belle Hawk, and the online business now makes whimsically printed plywood cubes and shadow boxes for those who want some style with their storage.

They also do prints on plywood and paper and their new collection will include tea towels and larger prints. 

Georgie, who is mum to Ivy, 6, Willoughby, 3 and Lilly, 2, says the cubes are an improvement on the old French wine crates she had been using. 

She loves the idea of being able to hide away "all the stuff" with the Belle Hawk boxes. 

"In the toddler's room, you can hide ugly things like nappies, dummies, things that you need but don't want to look at. 

"I thought to myself you could actually have these in just about every room of the house." 

The busy life with three children means Georgie snatches time while the little ones sleep. 

"It's pretty much evenings. It takes me a while to screen out the domestic hubbub and put my creative mind on.

"But it's nice to be doing something else. And something I love."

Georgie, 39, says she had tinkered with the idea of launching a business for some time, but was boosted by sister Belinda who has a background in brand management for food companies.

"She's great on marketing, sales promotion, pricing. Especially things like pricing, that just drives me mad.

"I'm very happy to leave all that to her."

Before children, while living in Spain, Georgie sold textile design collections to fashion and interior design fabric makers in Europe. She also sold design collections for stationery and giftware to be printed on paper in the United States. 

Paper and fabric are "where the magic happens", Georgie says.

"Because you never know what you're going to get overlaying as you're mixing up, putting something in repeat.

"My designs are figurative and illustrative so it suits paper."

Plywood is a new medium to her and means the design has to be simple.

"I literally pared the designs back and back and took the look to being more and more simple because of the wood grain in the background. It wasn't asking for much on it."

Georgie says both she and her sister are "Scandy-inspired", and the collections use typical colours of navy, coral, charcoal, blush pink and wasabi. 

Seven months on, the business is living up to its tagline of "art, storage, home, happy". 

"It comes back to where we are in our lives, which is being stay-at-home mothers," Georgie says. 

"We want home to feel good. If your house feels sorted, you feel a bit more sorted in your head."

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