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Life insurance industry payouts top a $1 billion, premiums rise faster

approvalsLife insurers have paid out more than $1 billion in claims for a fifth year in a row.

But the rise in payouts has been outstripped by rising premiums for certain kinds of insurance.

Financial Services Council (chief executive Peter Neilson said its members had paid out $1.13b (FSC) in claims in the year to June 30, including claims on life insurance and income protection policies.

Since 2011 annual life insurance premiums paid have increased from $835m to $1.01b in 2014, FSC statistics show.

Trauma and income protection have also seen premiums rising faster than claims paid.

Replacement income claims were just over $17m higher in 2014 than in 2011.

Insurance coverage remained patchy with three-quarters of households not insured against the threat of serious illness, Neilson said.

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