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BRAND NEW FEATURE: 2 lots on 1 title keywords added to Subdivision Strategy filter

Finding 2 lots on 1 title for subdividing is now even easier as Real Estate Investar has added a number of keywords to help identify these opportunities. The search may even locate a widow block.

This is now available for all current members of Real Estate Investar's Pro Membership.


Investar Search Tool - 2 Lots on 1 Title Keywords

A number of keywords have been added to the Subdivision keyword strategy filter. This means when you run a search with Subdivision selected, the results will also include any sites that are 2 lots on 1 title.

If you're not sure what a widow block or 2 lots on 1 title block is, please click here to check out our past blog post that explains what these are.



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Dennis Wong
Dennis Wong
Real Estate Investar product specialist.

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