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Compare Australia's Best Property Investment Research and Data Tools


Property investors and property professionals are always asking us how we differ from CoreLogic RP Data and APM Pricefinder.

We partner with both platforms giving you access to two of the very best property research and property data tools available in Australia.

Pair your preferred property data and research tool with Real Estate Investar's powerful search and analysis tools.

Our property investment platform enables property investors to replace emotional decision making with data-driven property investing, with access to the same tools the property professionals use.

Both RP Data and PriceFinder provide the latest property research and property data tools for desktop valuations and reports, verified and obtained direct from the Valuer General's Office.

Read more for a brief overview of some of the key differences between RP Data and Pricefinder and our special Real Estate Investar pricing options.

CoreLogic RP Data - Direct

RP Data Professional provides the latest property data, reports and desktop valuations. 

It is the leading property data solution used by property professionals in Australia and allows clients such as Valuers and Real Estate Agents to prepare reports for prospects and clients. Valuation estimates and suburb reports can be generated and information can be used for targeted marketing. 

Monthly or half year membership options are available for one concurrent user licence.

Only one state access is included, additional costs apply if national access is required. Title searches are available for purchase.

Click here for more information on RP Data Professional for Property Investors.

Pricefinder - Direct

Similar to RP Data, Pricefinder provides tools that the professionals use to generate suburb reports, valuation estimates, rental appraisals and much more.

Monthly memberships are available which provide users with national access for 1 concurrent user licence.

However, the Map Search feature and Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports are not available as part of Pricefinder's direct Investor package.

Click here for more information on APM Pricefinder.

Real Estate Investar Pro Membership Options - RP Data Bundle / Pricefinder Add-On

Real Estate Investar is a unique property investment software platform that provides an online suite of tools to help property investors search, research, analyse and track their property portfolio.

It includes the latest property investment data to help investors make better investment decisions - saving investors time, minimising risk and maximising profits.

Our Property Investment Platform gives you access to a unique suite of property tools, including:

  • Investar Search - searches across multiple property portals and allows investors to filter by investment strategy (i.e. subdivision, renovation, discount, positive cash flow), median listing price, vacancy rate, property rental yield or even suburb rental yield
  • Property Analyser - generate and analyse 10 year before and after tax cash flows and capital growth forecasts
  • Portfolio Tracker - track the performance of your property portfolio against your initial forecasts - cash flow and capital growth
  • Xero - integrate your Xero Accounting software into Portfolio Tracker so the rent and expenses are automatically updated

Real Estate Investar partners with both CoreLogic and/or Pricefinder:

Our Professional Membership is a bundled package which includes all of the above plus nationwide access to CoreLogic RP Data Professional which is tailored for property investors.

Pricefinder is also available at exclusively discounted rates as an optional add-on.

Pricefinder access through a Real Estate Investar Membership includes additional tools not available if you went direct to PriceFinder, such as the Map Search and CMA reports and access is nationwide which allows users to generate reports on any property, suburb or state across Australia.

Monthly casual, one year or two year upfront membership options are available for one concurrent user licence.

View below for our casual month-to-month pricing options.

Direct Pricing

CoreLogic RP Data - Direct: from $198.00/m (1 state)

Pricefinder - Direct: from $192.50/m

Real Estate Investar Bundled / Add-On Pricing

Real Estate Investar Professional Membership: from $149/m (includes nationwide access to CoreLogic RP Data Professional) 

Real Estate Investar Professional with Pricefinder Add-On: from $154/m* 

*You will be able to add-on Pricefinder for $55/m from within your Real Estate Investar account once you've signed up to a Real Estate Investar Starter membership.

All prices current as at April 2020.


Have any questions? Contact us via live chat, at or on 1300 737 782.

Alternatively, book in for a free, personalised 30-minute one-on-one demo and we'll walk you through all of the product features of our unique property investment software and data platform.

Dennis Wong
Dennis Wong
Real Estate Investar product specialist.

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