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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Find and Perform Manufactured Growth Opportunities


In this recorded webinar you'll learn how you can grow your investment portfolio through renovation and manufactured growth property.

This webinar includes major features and benefits of our property investment tools that can help you source discount property that will allow you to produce equity through renovation and manufactured growth.

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Renovating for Profit: 7 Essential Tips

Renovating an investment property can lead to a tidy profit when done strategically, and has become more popular as property investors seek to create their own opportunities to add value to their portfolio.

In this article you will find seven tips to help you plan and execute your next renovation, an infographic and links to helpful renovating resources.

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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Find Renovation Property and Create Equity


In this recorded webinar we'll show you how to source investment property that will allow you to produce equity through renovation and manufactured growth.

We will also showcase a live investment-focused deal 12km from Brisbane which meets this criteria.  

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[Infographic] Australia's Highest Renovation Suburbs

Home improvements to an investment property can be a profitable investment when done strategically.

It has become a popular choice of property investment to add value to a property portfolio, particuarly for those who can do the work themselves.

When searching for a renovation suited investment property  there are suburbs with higher listings of renovation properties for sale, you just need to know where to look.

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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Buy Capital Growth, Cash Flow and Manufactured Growth Property



Learn how to identify property with the potential for capital growth, cash flow and manufactured growth in 2016 to maximise your financial results.

Joined by guest speaker Ben Everingham from Pumped On Property will share his knowledge and experience on what drives a growth market and how investors can buy profitable property. 

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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Find Discounted and Cash Flow Investment Property

This interactive webinar will show you how you can use our powerful technology to identify heavily discounted properties, saving you time and money on your next investment.

In this blog you will find:

  • A video recording of the live webinar which was presented on 30 March 2016.
  • A video recording of the Q&A session which followed the webinar.

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[Infographic] Essential Tips When Renovating Investing Properties

Renovating investment property is a popular strategy which can give you and your property many benefits, including:
  • increasing the value of the property
  • higher rents
  • improved cash flow
  • Better occupancy rates
This infographic gives you some of the essential tips you will need if you are considering a renovation. 
And don't forget to download our free reno calculator and suburb report to help you with your next deal!
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[On-Demand Webinar] Find, Analyse & Research Discounted, Renovation Opportunities

Learn how to use the latest technology to find discounted, renovation investment properties that can give you the best profits.



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[On-Demand Webinar] Renovating for Profit - How to Find, Analyse and Research the Best Opportunities

Renovating for profit is a popular property investing strategy, as investors look to add value to properties and create added value, regardless of market conditions.

This on-demand webinar will teach you how to use the latest technology to pick suburbs and investment properties with the best renovating potential.

In this blog you will find:
  • A video recording of the live renovation webinar and Q&A sessions presented on 26 May 2015.
  • A downloadable copy of the slide deck
  • Link to download a free renovation budget calculator
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[Case Study] Renovating for Profit Even in a Competitive Market

Renovating investment property, in particular renovating for profit, is becoming increasingly popular as investors look to manufacture their own growth, irrespective of market conditions.

With smart planning and a bit of elbow grease, Your Investment Property Magazine readers Sophie Knight and husband Chris Waite are on their way to making a big renovation profit.

Check out this article to find out how their property investment is doing.

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating for Profit

You have found a property below fair market value, it is poorly presented, well below the suburb median price and you believe it has great potential as an investment property you can renovate for profit.

Before you start on your renovation however, here is a checklist of 10 renovation mistakes to avoid.


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[Case Study] Jeremy Tailor - Renovation Strategy

This case study is from Real Estate Investar subscriber Jeremy Tailor, and how he used Real EstateInvestar to apply the discount property investing strategy.


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[Case Study] John Le Brun - Discount and Renovation Strategy

This case study is from Real Estate Investar subscriber John Le Brun, and how he used Real Estate Investar to apply the discount and renovation investment strategy.

Time poor investors need a tool like Real Estate Investar!

My latest deal is 137 Riselaw Road, Dunedin.

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[Case Study] Clarissa Leary - Renovation and Strata Strategy

This case study is from Real Estate Investar subscriber Clarissa Leary, and how she used Real Estate Investar to apply the Renovation and Strata Strategy.

Property Deal Details

We found a three bedroom house on a large 900 square metre block that needed a full renovation because of minor fire damage.

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