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[On-Demand Webinar] Ten Tips to be a Successful Property Investor

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You will learn the approach, principles and rules that the most successful property investors live by and apply to their investments, which the vast majority of us are unaware of.

Dennis Wong was joined on the webinar by Ken Raiss, director of Chan & Naylor, Australia’s leading property tax accounting and wealth advisory group.

They shared their expert knowledge of property investing, asset protection, business and tax planning matters in this content rich, educational webinar.  

The 60 minute webinar included:

  • The ten rules that every property investor should follow if they want to achieve success.

  • The reasons why people stop at owning just one property and how you can avoid them.

  • What you can do to grow and protect your property portfolio through structuring and asset protection strategies, creating a robust platform for growth.

  • How to improve growth, returns and cashflow on your property investment(s).

  • How to play the game of tax – legally reducing your tax bills.

  • How to get better results as a property investor, and why you need to think and act differently.

  • How to treat your property investing like a business and the key rules you should follow.

 Webinar and Q&A recording

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