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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Create Multiple Income Streams from a Single Property

On Demand Webinar Multi Income Blog

Multi-income property is a great way to boost your cash flow and balance your portfolio

Are you interested in having multiple streams of income from a single property?

Dual or multi-income properties can help you achieve this goal. They can provide two or more incomes to an investor, helping to boost your rental returns, balance your portfolio and increase your serviceability.

Find out more in this informative webinar recorded 2nd of July.

Examples of multiple income stream properties include

  • Dual Living: two adjoining properties on the same title
  • Properties with granny flats: an additional dwelling, usually situated in the backyard of an existing property
  • Multi-occupancy: boarding houses and share housing

Advantages of multi-income properties

  • Maximising the potential of one block of land
  • Improved cash flow and rental returns
  • Increased finance serviceability

This 60-minute webinar covers

  • Pros and cons of investing in multi-income property
  • Analysis of the different asset classes you can use with the multiple income stream strategy
  • Live examples of properties on the market


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