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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Benefit from the Big Shift in the Australian Property Market

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When investing in property, there are a small number of crucial factors that can be the difference between a profitable investment and one you could live to regret. These factors include timing the market correctly, investing in growth suburbs, building an experienced team to work with and the increasing importance of great design.

In this 60 minute, pre-recorded webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of using the right people (e.g. builders, solicitors, brokers, developers, agents) and how it directly impacts the success of your property investment.
  • How desirability and market growth affect an investment and how to target good growth suburbs.
  • The importance of design and how purchasing a property with great design can make or break your next investment.
  • How profitable real estate can be purchased off-market before the public get access, and how you can find the best deals first.
  • The pros and cons of purchasing off-the-plan investment properties.
  • The key characteristics of successful property investors, and common mistakes to avoid.
  • How to target growth suburbs.  We will reveal a successful formula to follow.
  • How an experienced property investment team can help you get the best, long term results.
  • How to create a growth and cash flow plan to build a balanced portfolio.
  • The strategy and philosophy behind the success of one of Australia’s top developers.

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