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First-home buyers decide owning as affordable as renting: QV

Some first-home buyers are entering the property market because it's almost as affordable to own as it is to rent in some parts of the country, QV says.

QV general manager David Nagel said first-home buyer activity was increasing in Wellington and Dunedin.

People were taking advantage of the ability to use their KiwiSaver funds as a deposit.

"The higher proportion of first-home buyer activity is largely due to rising rents, which mean it can often be as affordable to purchase an entry-level home and pay a mortgage, as it is to rent a home.

"However, for many, raising a deposit is still a bridge too far to cross to be able to gain entry into the housing market." Read More

Property prices shoot up in the regions

Property prices outside New Zealand's main cities have risen in the latest figures for April.

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Loan-to-Value Ratio Restrictions and House Prices

This paper, courtesy of, contributes to the international policy debate on the effect of macroprudential policy on housing-market dynamics. We use detailed New Zealand housing market data to evaluate the effect of loan-to-value ratio (LVR) restrictions on house prices.

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Fears landlords may not comply in time with new insulation rules

Landlords have not realised the urgency with which they need to insulate their rental properties.

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New Zealand's most expensive streets are paved with capital gains

Waterfront Cremorne Street in the central Auckland suburb of Herne Bay is the country's most expensive road, new data shows.

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Christchurch suburb price gaps narrow as buyers look for value

Christchurch home buyers are opting for some of the city's cheapest suburbs as they hunt for value, while at the same time demand slows for some pricier locations.

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NZ's house prices still rising?

If you wanted capital gains in the past year, a cheap part of Rotorua would have been your best bet.

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Sales drop around New Zealand, Real Estate Institute data shows

Property buyers hung back in every part of the country last month, new data shows.

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'Who owns New Zealand now?' New doco tackles our housing crisis

The timing of a new documentary screening on Three on Tuesday, September 12 – just 11 days before the election – can hardly be a coincidence.

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Housing Summit report suggests fixes to Auckland's woes

Auckland needs less talk and more action to solve its housing problems, one strategist says.

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