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Conventional wisdom on housing 'wrong'

The "conventional wisdom" that low income earners don't stand to benefit from building more housing has been tackled head-on in a new report.

The Grattan Institute, a public policy think tank, has railed against a view it believes is shared by many affordable housing advocates about who stands to gain by boosting the supply of market-rent housing.

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Great Australian backyard 'romantic' ideal

The great Australian backyard appears to be a "romantic" dream that's fading as more people eschew a lawnmower and move into apartments.

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New Zealand home consents hit 13-year high

The number of new homes consented in New Zealand hit a 13-year high in November 2017, boosted by apartments in Auckland.

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Sellers yet to catch up with a cooling Hamilton housing market, developers say

Frankton man Brian Burne has been fending off developers with million-dollar pitches for his property.

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Landlords unconcerned about looming changes

Landlords' fears about looming changes to the property investment market look to have subsided.

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Prices up but sales plummet through 2017

2017 was the year New Zealand's housing market slowed, new data from QV shows.

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Foreign buyer rule change may have unintended consequences

A law change stopping foreign investors buying New Zealand houses could have unintended consequences.

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House prices fall for first time in years on Waiheke Island

House prices dropped on Auckland's Waiheke Island last year for the first time in six years, says Waiheke Real Estate manager and salesperson Paul Brisbane.

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Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago have highest asking price for homes

The asking price of homes in the Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago region is the highest in the country, according to new statistics.

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Balance tilts in Auckland housing market for first time in seven years

The property market appears to be holding its breath ahead of major changes to lending, one economist says.

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