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RBNZ Announcement - 13 November 2019


Reserve Bank of New Zealand Announcement - 13 November 2019

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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Renovate like an Investor


Learn how to find, analyse and identify investment properties with renovation potential in this live webinar

Creating an uplift in property value through renovation is a great low-risk way to manufacture capital growth or generate equity.

Choose to flip the investment property for profit or leverage it to grow your portfolio.

Learn how to renovate strategically in order to add maximum value at minimum cost.

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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Find Positive Cash Flow Properties

On Demand Webinar Cash Flow

Learn how to find and analyse positively geared investment properties

In this webinar replay, you will learn how to find property that will pay for itself, assist with finance serviceability and provide income regardless of what's happening in the property market.

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RBNZ Announcement - 25 September 2019


Reserve Bank of New Zealand Announcement - 25 September 2019

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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Find and Analyse Subdivision Opportunities


Subdividing a section can be one of the best ways to manufacture equity and generate substantial profits

This on-demand webinar recorded 26 June will demonstrate how you can use our powerful technology to find and analyse subdivision opportunities

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RBNZ Announcement - 26 June 2019


Reserve Bank of New Zealand Announcement - 26 June 2019

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[On-Demand Webinar] Make Money Upfront by Investing in Distressed Properties

On Demand Webinar Distressed-1


This on-demand webinar recorded 12 June will demonstrate how you can use our powerful technology to find and analyse distressed properties selling at below market value, offering upfront gains - not after 10 years - which can be leveraged to purchase your next investment property!

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5 Tips for Successful Property Investment

Property investment can be a sustainable and lucrative way to generate long term wealth.

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First-home buyers decide owning as affordable as renting: QV

Some first-home buyers are entering the property market because it's almost as affordable to own as it is to rent in some parts of the country, QV says.

QV general manager David Nagel said first-home buyer activity was increasing in Wellington and Dunedin.

People were taking advantage of the ability to use their KiwiSaver funds as a deposit.

"The higher proportion of first-home buyer activity is largely due to rising rents, which mean it can often be as affordable to purchase an entry-level home and pay a mortgage, as it is to rent a home.

"However, for many, raising a deposit is still a bridge too far to cross to be able to gain entry into the housing market." Read More

Property prices shoot up in the regions

Property prices outside New Zealand's main cities have risen in the latest figures for April.

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