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[Infographic] Essential Tips When Renovating Investment Properties

Renovating investment property is a popular strategy which can give you and your property many benefits, including:
  • increasing the value of the property
  • higher rents
  • improved cash flow
  • Better occupancy rates
This infographic gives you some of the essential tips you will need if you are considering a renovation. 
And don't forget to download our free renovation budget calculator and suburb report pack to help you with your next deal!
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[Infographic] 10 Tips to be a Successful Property Investor

Flatlay reseized.png

Property investment can be complex, so here are ten quick tips to help you be a more successful property investor.

This list is not exhaustive, so please add any of your own in the comments below, we would love to hear your views.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your property investment.

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[Infographic] Residential vs Commercial Property Investment

Commercial vs. Residential.png

Property investment comes in many different forms; commercial property investing covers shops, factories, offices and warehouses, while residential property investing includes holiday lets, short stay, long-term rentals and student accommodation.

Both are feasible options depending on your financial situation and level of experience.

This infographic lists some general pros and cons that you can consider when it comes to commercial and residential property investing to help weigh up which is the better option for you.

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[Infographic] Why You Need a Property Inspection Before Investing

Inspection Resized.png

A pre-purchase property inspection is carried out by a qualified, professional inspector who provides information on the property’s current condition.

It enables you to make informed decisions about the property and be aware of any significant problems before you decide to buy it.

This infographic highlights why you should get a property inspection carried out before you buy your next property investment, and a list of reminders to ensure it ticks all the right boxes.

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