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8 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Property Investing Goals in 2017

Many people will have set property investing goals for the new year and many will fail to achieve them. 

There is another group of people out there who do not set goals at all, because it is very easy to just live in the present - which is what most of us tend to do.

But whether you’re a new or seasoned property investor, these tips can help you set your goals for this year and ensure you don't lose sight of them until they have been achieved.

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[On-Demand Webinar] Using Your SMSF to Invest in Property

This webinar takes a detailed look at self-managed super funds and the key benefits they can offer you for long-term wealth creation. 

We have teamed up with the SMSF experts from Anne Street Partners to take a firsthand look at how SMSF differ from other fund structures and how you can successfully use it in your property investment. 

In this blog you will find:
  • A video recording of the webinar and Q&A, which was presented on 19 April 2016.
  • A downloadable copy of the slide deck.
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Ways to Finance Your Property Investment Purchase

For most residential real estate investments you can borrow to buy an investment property with a typical deposit (or surplus equity in another property) of 20% of the purchase price.

While you can borrow more than 80% with some lenders, you need to factor in higher interest rates, lenders mortgage insurance and higher risks of larger mortgage payments.

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Adding a Granny Flat to your Property

Granny flats have become more popular with investors in recent years as a way of increasing their capital gain and rental income. These dwellings are self-contained on the same block of land and are secondary to the main property.

A granny flat has its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry and so on.

Building a secondary allows you to receive dual rental return off your property for a smaller investment and can be very beneficial if done correctly.

Is My Property Eligible?

Granny flats can be built providing your property meets the following criteria in most states:

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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Make the New Financial Year a Success

This interactive webinar will help you to make your property investing in the new financial year a stunning success.

It includes essential tips and technology to help you save money, simplify the accounting process and provide you with more time to find your next property investment.

In this blog you will find:
  • A video recording of the webinar and Q&A, which was presented on 15 July 2015.
  • A downloadable copy of the slide deck.
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[On-Demand Webinar] Treating Property Investment as a Business

This webinar will focus on developing a strategy, building a team and using the best possible tools to analyse & manage your outcomes.

Real Estate Investar has developed a number of solutions, including our Xero add-on. This on-demand webinar is aimed at helping investors with one or many investment properties better understand their property investment business. How is your property performing right now, and how might it behave into the future?

In this blog you will find:
  • A video recording of the webinar and Q&A, which was presented on 30 June 2015.
  • A downloadable copy of the slide deck.
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Using My Valuer: 10 Simple My Valuer Tips and Tricks

Real Estate Investar's My Valuer is a powerful tool which allows you to conduct a property value estimation any time to help you with your due diligence and negotiation.

Here are 10 tips to help you use My Valuer to its full potential.

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Professional Property Manager or DIY Property Management

An excellent property manager can be an important asset to your property investing team - so choosing the correct one is a crucial decision that you need to research thoroughly.  

If you're planning on managing your property yourself, you should be aware of the common pitfalls too that you will need to avoid. 

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15 Tips for Preparing Your Property For Sale

You get one chance to make a first impression and you’d be surprised at the seemingly insignificant things buyers can notice which can break the deal.

A property should be presented as having been well looked after with no major issues.

There are a whole range of things you can do which don’t require a lot of work or money to make your property look great.

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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Pick New Duplex Projects That Deliver Equity, Growth and Cash Flow

This new, educational webinar gives you an insight into duplex projects / dual occupancy and using this as a property investment strategy to maximise your profits and cash flow.

In this blog you will find:
  • A video recording of the live webinar and Q&A session, which was presented on 27 May 2015
  • A downloadable copy of the slide deck

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[On-Demand Webinar] What Does $1 Million Buy You in Australia?

With property prices rising in many of the state's capital cities, it's time to see what type of property $1 million will get you in the inner suburbs (within 5km of the CBD) of the capital cities.

All properties were found in just a couple of minutes using Investar Search, our unique property investment search engine.

Learn more about how Investar Search can help you find property that matches your buying rules by clicking here.


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[My Research] 10 Simple My Research Tips and Tricks

My Research is a powerful tool that you can use to help do your property investing due diligence, analyse property and suburb trends, and check sales on-the-market history and comparable sales in seconds.

Here we'll show you 10 simple My Research tips and tricks to ensure you use it to its full potential when researching your next property deal.

This blog is aimed at Real Estate Investar members.

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7 Property Investment Myths

There are many myths and misconceptions thrown around when it comes to property investment. 

Believing these property investing myths and making purchasing decisions because of them can increase your exposure to risk and affect your ability to build a profitable and sustainable property portfolio.

So here are some common property investment myths that you need to be aware of in order to help you plan a successful property investment strategy.


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10 Simple Investar Search Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

Investar Search is a powerful search engine that allows you to use all sorts of search filters to find investment property that match your investment strategy or buying rules.

We had a quick brainstorm in the office, and here are ten simple tips to help you use Investar Search more efficiently to get better and more targeted results.

Please note this blog is aimed at Real Estate Investar members. 

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Preparing Your Investment Property for Rent

Property investors looking to have long-term tenants and receive good rental returns from their investment property need to ensure the property is desirable to tenants in the area.

You can dramatically increase the property's desirability and increase the rental intake by spending some time and money on the presentation and maintenance of your property. This should provide a good return on investment in the long term. 

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